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Did you know that brows help boost women’s self-esteem?

Microblading, also known as semi-permanent brow makeup or 3D eyebrows, is a relatively new method for enhancing eyebrows and, with adequate preparation, can become an amazing opportunity to generate income while helping others feel more confident of themselves.

Browboss Academy was born with the mission of teaching everything about microblading/shading to any person regardless of gender or age that wishes to build their own eyebrow empire from scratch, without any experience in the cosmetologist or esthetician area and at their own pace.

In Browboss Academy, we boost our students to bring them closer to achieving their goals. If you have big goals and you need a small push, we are here to help you achieve them.

Not everyone has to love eyebrows, but it’s a great start to help you learn and move forward.

Starting an eyebrow business is more than just “tattooing” brows, it’s about:

  • Enhancing natural beauty
  • Building confidence
  • Succeeding in a new career
  • Redefining beauty
  • Empowering others

Did you know that brows help boost women’s self-esteem?

You can help others feel beautiful, confident and empowered while generating your own success and being your own boss, we seek to be a start point so that our students can create the business of their dreams while enjoying what they do, just imagine:


  • Feeling like a boss and loving your work.
  • Spending more time with your family.
  • Helping someone to feel brave and fabulous inside and out.
  • Entering your dazzling studio in the location of your dreams every day.
  • Feeling confident and empowered about being an expert and building your empire.






For the comfort of our students, we have online and live courses based on a step-by-step methodology, where they acquire the most essential knowledge and techniques to apply in real life at the same time that they start building confidence in themselves.


We provide you with all the tools and the best training to achieve your goals while you learn in a friendly manner with the company of our founder and Master Leslie Ritchie to become an expert in Microblading / Shading, who will give you a constant guide and monitoring, ensuring a full and effective training.


Leslie Ritchie, founder of Browboss Brow & Beauty, “fell in love at first sight” with Microblading. After discovering before and after photos of perfect eyebrows on Instagram, she quickly devoted herself to searching in Google about microblading. After hours of search, she completely loved the transformation of eyebrows and decided to try something new.



″  Waking up with perfect eyebrows
every morning  



Helping women reduce the frustrating morning ritual of preening is an extremely valuable contribution to the often hectic and agitated lives that modern women endure, in all aspects of their daily life from both personal and professional levels.


With that in mind, she decided to train formally and start her career at Microblading. At that time, Leslie was not even aware of how important eyebrows were for her. On the first day of her intensive training, she said: “I had never thought about how important eyebrows were for me.” That was the start point of her passion and mission to make others feel beautiful through the magic of the eyebrows.





Despite not having previous experience in beauty, having two degrees (one in business administration and another in international business), and some years where she felt lost, she jumped into microblading and learned everything from eyebrows to microblading, modeling, shading, and facial structure and started her own business.


The beginning of her dream happens in her home, where she rented a small “wardrobe” workshop to finally move to California and open an elegant dream studio worthy of Pinterest in La Jolla, California, where she helps women and men feel empowered through enhancing their natural beauty.


Now, with the goal of promoting and showing the impact of eyebrows on people, through Browboss Academy, she teaches and trains men and women to learn how to use micro blades so they can create their own business where they wish.

Under her philosophy “you can achieve the freedom you want, the business you want, the time you want, the beautiful study and life that I know you deserve,” Leslie has taught more than 1,000 students and has made more than 3,000 procedures of Microblading around the world.


In addition, as a Master in Browboss Brow & Beauty Leslie uses her best techniques to give her customers a great experience and dreamy eyebrows, you will find that she is a very uplifting person, who genuinely cares about you and, naturally, she reassures you, educating yourself properly about the procedures to be carried out in your session.


In Browboss Brow & Beauty we are committed to providing quality services, where our customers obtain precious eyebrows, greater symmetry, and the appearance of raised eyes, together with feeling more confident in themselves.





Browboss Brow & Beauty is a beauty studio and unique training center in San Diego, CA. We use patented techniques and instruments, as well as top-quality products that improve the results of our work, guaranteeing a quality result and experience.

We personalized each procedure to make sure we meet the expectations of our customers. We take into consideration the skin type to the bone structure and more, which makes us a studio that deeply cares about details to provide the best eyebrows.


At the same time, we offer the most innovative semi-permanent techniques that include microblading and microshading, powder brows, lip flush, and eyeliner, as well as exclusive eyebrow modeling; this ensures optimal procedure with high standards for all our customers.


We make sure to measure and analyze the characteristics of each client in order to ensure that aesthetic proportions after our treatments highlight the natural beauty of every woman and man who visits us.


We offer a range of services that allow our customers to have a unique experience in our studio:




Microblading & Shading

Microblading is an innovative permanent makeup method designed to enhance eyebrows.


A certified and licensed Microblading artist uses a hand tool with a very thin needle group to draw individual hairs, creating the illusion of beautiful and perfectly trained eyebrows.






Lash Lift

If you are looking to achieve long, dark, and curly eyelashes without having to get eyelash extensions or apply thick coats of mascara every day, our eyelash lifting is the treatment you need.


The lash lifts use keratin and a special pigment infusion to give a lifting effect and make your eyes look wider and attractive without any kind of makeup. The results of our lash lift last from 6 to 8 weeks.




Brow Lamination

Don’t have naturally thick and full eyebrows? Our Keratin Brow Lamination service gives your eyebrows a darker, fuller, sleeker, and more defined form without keeping a natural look.


The effect of this semi-permanent treatment lasts from 4 to 6 weeks.





In Browboss Brow & Beauty, we are proud to offer cruelty-free and paraben-free treatments consisting of a combination of nutrient-packed, potent and organic ingredients with exceptional results.

We are dedicated to achieving a significant change in the beauty industry offering innovative services while using quality products that don’t harm our environment and promote collective consciousness to improve our world.


We are also committed to generating talent that has growth and a continuous learning attitude to create a beauty business that helps other people enhance their natural beauty.


¿Are you ready to enter the world of Microblading?

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