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How to set up your microblading business?

In recent years, permanent make-up, particularly microblading, has been an extremely popular occupation. The demand for microblading is growing, so if you are thinking about becoming your own boss, a microblading company is one of the best options.

Setting up your own business is an exciting and complex undertaking. To keep your trip as stress-free as possible, a sound business plan is essential.

First of all, let’s make it clear what microblading is all about.

Microblading is a permanent makeup treatment for eyebrows that gives the appearance of bigger bows to fashion. This is done by pigmenting the skin to recreate the appearance of voluminous natural eyebrows.

The microblading artist uses nano blades to draw thin, hair-like strokes between the natural hairs, creating the perfect brow.

How to set up your microblading business?

Is Microblading a Good Business?


Yes, a microblading company can be a successful business.


From a commercial perspective, what makes microblading such a great career opportunity is the fact that demand outstrips supply, thus, with a good business plan and a lot of work, constant evolution and dedication, every newly formed artist can be successful. Anyone who is willing to put an effort into learning the skill can get trained and become a microblading artist, regardless of your current occupation or prior studies.


Starting a business from scratch requires an upfront investment, but with microblading it’s relatively small and profitable. That means paying for quality training in an academy.



Then, how do I set up a microblading company?


Once you have decided that microblading is your dream career, you may be thinking about how to start a microblading business. Here are the steps to follow:




  • Learn the skill and get a certification


The most important part of the entire process is to learn the skill properly. The only way you can do that is if you take a quality course, where you learn the theory behind microblading, the tools and pigments, color matching, mapping, keeping your clients and yourself safe and healthy, but you will also get the opportunity to train your skill on props and even live models.


In Browboss Academy, you can achieve your certification as a Microblading Artist, by taking our Microblading & Shading basic course, we have two types of courses, one of them is Online and the other one is Live. Where you have 4 months of access to our platform browboss.com when you will find an extensive library of learning material divides in levels. Also, our Master Leslie Ritchie personally through WhatsApp will giving you feedback and tips to improve your technique.


In addition, in the Live Course that const of 2 days of presential course you can practice in a real model for the first time.


During the process of starting your microblading business, you should practice your tecnique as much as possible. Even when you get licensed and start working on clients, you can practice on latex, so you are extra prepared to give your clients flawless brows!



  • Get your license


In most states, you must obtain a professional licence from a council or institution responsible for legally practising your profession. The only universal requirement when looking for how to start a microblading business is a certification of completion from a registered trainer or academy, but the process varies.


According to the rules and regulations of your state or country, you may be required to obtain an additional certificate, such as first aid training or training on blood-borne pathogens.




  • Find your workspace


Choose a location carefully. Think about your options: you can rent an space or even transform a room in your home into a living room. Decorate your salon to make your clients feel relaxed and comfortable and obtain quality tools and equipment.


The basic equipment includes:

  • A bed
  • Good lighting
  • Disposable supplies
  • Good range of pigments
  • Aftercare products to give your clients


Your workspace must always be clean and your equipment sterile. In some states, your salon may have to pass a sanitary inspection in order for you to obtain your license.



  • Set your prices


If you’re new to the industry, you’re probably going to have to start charging less than you want, because you don’t have a lot of experience. You can gradually increase your prices as your work starts getting recognized.



  • Social Media


You need to begin social media pages for your business and always stay active on them. This means posting pictures of your work, advertising specials, posting announcements, and being available for any questions.



  • Create your reputation


As soon as you begin to work, don’t forget that every pair of eyebrows is an ad. Use every opportunity to show your customer that you know your business, but pay attention to all aspects of your business, especially customer relationships.


Recommendations are a great way to obtain new clients, and you can think about introducing a referral program to encourage that. Building your image as a professional, trusted and friendly expert allows you to grow gradually, raise your prices and thrive!


We hope that all this information will help you and encourage you to start your own business. At Browboss Academy we will be happy to be part of your process to achieve this.


Best of luck #BrowBoss!

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