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What should not be left out of your Microblading & Shading Kit when you start

It is very common that when we start with something new, we feel the need to acquire everything we think we need and sometimes we spend more by not informing us about what is necessary when we start.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, we’ve decided to give you this guide on what shouldn’t be missing in your kit when you start Microblading & Shading.

First, let’s define what we mean by Microblading & Shading.


It is a semi-permanent tattoo technique in which hair by hair is traced thus forming a perfect and natural eyebrow, always considering the shape of the face of each person.


Like microblading, it is a semi-permanent tattoo technique, it gives a shade effect to the eyebrow, this to give form and makeup effect to them.

It is often used as a complement to microblading because by combining the two techniques we get incredible results.

What should not be left out of your Microblading & Shading Kit when you start

Now that we understand what we mean when we talk about these terms, it’s time to start explaining what tools you need to start this world of microblading & shading is for.


Let’s start with these tools that can be used several times.


The Golden Ratio Brow Compass


This tool, as its name implies, is a compass built according to the golden ratio.


This compass will be your ally as it will allow you to draw your customers’ eyebrows symmetrically and quickly. Giving proportion and balance to each brow.




Like in traditional tattoos, it is necessary to have color pigments, at least at first, it is advisable to have the most popular colors.


In the market, you can find many different brands, you are free to choose the ones that best seem to you, but here are some tips and information that you should consider before buying them.


A fundamental point is that the manufacturer of the products gives you all the information on what their pigment contains. That is:


  • Its chemical composition.


  • Its index colors.


  • Whether organic or inorganic.


  • If the product has a safety sheet, etc.


It is important to mention that it is not necessarily good to be carried out by the brand, we advise you to test and analyze which brand is right for you and your technique.


Brow Mapping Pencil


With this pencil we do all the strokes of the eyebrow, something like a guide to then trace with the pigments and blades. That is why it is important that the pencil always has a very sharp tip, so that you can trace each piece in the desired thickness.


It is essential to have a good amount of these pencils in your kit when you start, so you don’t waste time sharpening the tip, we recommend that you have 10 to 15 pencils with a very sharp tip.


After Care Kit


This kit consists of everything that helps to heal the eyebrow, because in the end there is still a wound that needs special care after being done. The essential in this kit are the gauze and balm or cream that maintains the moisturized injury. The idea behind this package is to deliver it to the customer after the microblading work is completed.



Now let’s talk about all the tools that are disposable. These products should only be used in one person, this for hygiene and safety.


Microblading + Shading Disposable Tool


This tool has the shape of a pen, has needles 18U and 9F, plus an ideal rubber area to place your fingers there and avoid sliding them during the tracing process. It is used for greater control and precision when making the strokes.


From experience, we recommend that this tool be very light so that you don’t get tired during the procedure.





There are many varieties of blades for each technique, you must choose the ones that work best for the type of strokes you are going to make.


But as we are talking about what your kit should wear at the start, we recommend U-shaped blades for Microblading, we recommend 14U and 18 U and Flat blades for Shading, preferably 9 blades.


Along with these tools, it is also important that during your learning process, you maintain in constant practice this to create muscle memory in your hands.


For that, it is ideal to practice in latex, because it has a very similar texture to human skin.


In Browboss Store you can find 3 different types of latex, perfect for you to practice and improve your technique.


Basic Strokes Latex ideal when you are starting and you are not yet familiar with the correct way to perform the strokes, in this latex are the types of pre-designed strokes, perfect to create muscle memory.


Blacks Latex has the shape of the eyebrow so you can create the strokes already learned within it.


Finally, Advanced Pattern, on the one side, has the patterns to follow step by step and on the back side has the eyebrows formed, ready for you to do the strokes learned on the front side.



Besides the latex in Browboss Store, you can find the needles, two types of Microblading tool and The Golden Ratio Brow Compass. You can come into our store and see our products and guest reviews. We are convinced that they will be very useful for you in this process.


All our products are selected and designed by our founder and Master Leslie Ritchie, who is one of the best masters of Microblading & Shading.



She also gives basic Microblading courses at Browboss Academy, to enter these courses you don’t need to have experience, just want to learn, and become one of the best too. Besides teaching you the basics for Microbbling&Shading you will learn how making it your company. In addition, when you enrol in the course, you will receive a kit with everything we mentioned on this blog. Encourage yourself to get involved in the academy!


Always remember that …


″  The beginning is half of everything  


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